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What is Crown shyness in plants?

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Crown Shyness Phenomenon

Crown Shyness Phenomenon

Crown Shyness is an interesting naturally occurring phenomenon across some tree species. Plants shows many behaviors and adaptations, but this one is pretty interesting. This happens when the Crows ( top leafy part ) of a tree species do not touch each other, strange ! right ? yes indeed it is, because this phenomenon is mostly found between trees of same species but similar cases have also been reported among different tree species.

This process when the trees do not touch each other at the crown part, results in formation of a canopy with channel like gaps through which the light passes and this process forms beautiful brightened paths between the fully stocked trees.

Crown Shyness Phenomenon
Crown Shyness Phenomenon

Why Crown Shyness happens?

There have been many hypotheses as to why this phenomenon happens some are as follows:

  1. Avoid spread of leaf eating insect larvae : This hypotheses states that Crown Shyness prevents spread of leaf eating insect larvae from the infected tree to other.
  2. Avoid physical damage: Trees in windy areas suffer physical damage when they collide with each other, to avoid this trees have an induced crown shyness response.
  3. Shade avoidance: Some say that plants have developed this behavior to avoid shade on the leafy area responsible for absorbing sunlight.

Following trees have displayed Crown Shyness behavior:

  • Species of Dryobalanops
  • Some species of eucalyptus
  • Lodgepole pine
  • Black mangrove
  • Didymopanax pittieri
Crown Shyness in plants
Crown Shyness in plants

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